Welcome to Enthusiastic Programmers! This is our club's official website for an all inclusive place for information, announcments, event details, links, images and more!

I'm sure you're wondering who we are. Well here are a few questions you can ask us:

We are Enthusiastic Programmers at Moorpark College. This website is for any information about our club from announcments to event logistics. These past few semesters have been beneficial to our club, being able attend events, participate in many Hackathons, work on a manifold of projects, and to network and branch out to different people. Hackathons are events where hunderds of students around the globe come together to bring ideas to life in a short span of 24 to 48 hours. Check out the hackathon page to see several of the hackathons that we have gone to in the past semesters. Anyone who is interested is welcome to join, no experience is needed at all! We hope to meet a lot of new students. For addittional online information, on sign-up we will email you a Discord link where you can join our server.

What do we do in club meetings?

As of Spring 2020, Enthusiastic Programmers hold weekly meetings on Wednesday from 2-3 pm in LMC-121. The room is also open on Mondays and Wednesdays from 2-7 pm. For the open hours students are welcome to come for extra lab time or to get help from other members or club officials on homework and assignments. Additionally, we hold workshops that demonstrate certain programming environments or languages (such as C++, Python, Java, and Assembly)and occasionally showcase club members' projects.

What is the future like for the club?

These past semesters has brought a lot of insight for what we want the future of our club to be. There has been a lot of planning for our club to host more workshops, attend more events and hackathons, even hosting our own event, and providing food to members to further help grow and expand our community.

Why did we make this website?

Clubs at Moorpark do not seem to have a central place for communication with members or anyone. This is our proposed solution to bring all clubs together at Moorpark, and to help those students get more information and access to the clubs they are interested in. On one of the tabs there is a sign-in for clubs to use, so we can start going green and save paper for member counts. There are many other things the Enthusiastic Programmers do even on a weekly basis during the meeting times. We have started some workshops such as going over Python and showing how to debug. Also for the computer architecture and organization class we have started a small workshop for helping with the assembly language and also debugging help as it is a huge importance in that class. There are many more workshops in the making to further help any students in the Computer Science field and even other fields like Engineering, Game Design and Cyber Security. Along with posting meeting times and schedules, many future hackathons will be listed here with all details, to help inform any interested students. We dream that one day we can host our own Hackathon for local students.


Classes you are able to transfer at Moorpark College

CSM10A, CS 125 + CS 135, CS 145, and CS 155 are all UC transferable. However, CS M10J will only count for CSM10A. CSM10A won't count for UC Irvine or UC Santa Cruz

What's the best website to learn coding?

Check out teachyourselfcs.com. They have a very simple and constructive website which will show you which videos to watch and which books to read to become a CS guru.

To practice CS I would highly recommend going to a website like leetcode, hackerrank, or hackerearth, or read any book about CS interview questions. If you want to find something much harder, consider looking at ICPC questions since Moorpark College competes in that contest.

I'm a Moorpark College student and I want free materials on CS

If you go to the Moorpark College website for eResources, you will have access to the entire O'Reily Media. Those books are not cheap, so being able to read them while at college is a huge gain.

What languages does Moorpark College teach?

As of now, the department teaches C++, Java, Python, and in the future will have classes for web development. Moorpark also has a great cybersecurity department, with classes on how to work with servers and be more secure.

Did you know you can get an AST too?

Moorpark College has officially announced the CS AST on their website. There are two links, one recommended by professors and one which is required by the state.

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